This is the public blog site for Todd Osborne. You will likely find a lot here about friends, family, aviation, motorcycles, finance, home improvement projects, fishing, shooting guns, computer programming, politics, life at the beach, and what I like to refer to as general redneckery. Basically, this blog will contain whatever I feel like saying.

I am a super nice, friendly, and laid back dude, so I will make this real easy for those easily offended by free speech. This is MY blog, not yours, so if you don’t like something I say here, there are billions of other web sites on the net you can visit. My politics, while not extreme, do run right-of-center, and while I am no longer actively involved in politics, my views and opinions have not changed. Thus, you are likely to find me sometimes posting about politics, policy, people in the news, events, etc. using a more conservative tone than you might like. Read them if you like, comment if you have something interesting or constructive to say, but do not expect me to agree with you or take down what you consider to be an offensive posting. I won’t, and honestly if you don’t agree with me, I am totally 100% okay with that. Just don’t forget you are visiting my site and how you get treated here depends entirely on how you treat me and others.

To aid the easily offended, here is a quick bullet list of triggers you are likely to find as you check out my site. If any of these trigger a feeling of rage or oppression, please do us a both a favor and just move on.

  • American Flags
  • Gadsden Flags (Don’t Tread On Me / No Step Snek)
  • Confederate Flags
  • Everything Sounds Better with a Southern Accent
  • Conservative/Republican Views
  • Tea Party
  • Fishing for Sport
  • Climate Change is Natural and has Been Going on for Billions of Years
  • Barack Obama was a Liar and Pathetic Excuse for a President
  • So is Donald Trump
  • Despite Being a Terrible President, Obama is a Good Man
  • Trump is not
  • I Voted for Both of the Men Mentioned Above (Once)
  • Marijuana Should Be Legal, Most Psychotropic (Legal) Drugs Should Not
  • I Really Don’t Give a Damn about LGBTQ-RSTUV blah, blah, blah, but Support Equal Rights for All
  • Black Lives Matter is a Hate Group, Possibly Even Domestic Terrorists
  • The United States is a Republic, not a Democracy
  • It is Possible to be Pro-Choice (legally) and Still Believe Abortion is Murder
  • Catching Sharks is Fun
  • Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People
  • I Like Facts, Data, History, Research, etc. Not Opinion.
  • Che was a Racist Gay-Hating Murderer, Don’t Wear His Shirt
  • When the National Anthem Plays, Stand Up, Take Off Your Hat, Hand Over Heart
  • Most Democratic Politicians Suck
  • Most Republican Politicians Suck
  • The Last Great President was Ronald Reagan
  • The Last Great Democratic President was John Kennedy
  • Yes, We Did in Fact Walk on the Moon
  • No, 9/11 was not an Inside Job
  • There is a Difference Between Legal Immigration and Illegal Immigration
  • We Have Laws for a Reason (Mostly)
  • Don’t Pay to Have Your Credit Protected by the Same Company that Lost it to Hackers
  • All Cable Companies Suck
  • “This Is Us” is a Really Great TV Show
  • Harley-Davidsons are the Only Real Motorycle
  • Lawyers Screw Up Everything
  • Rednecks Are Fun
  • Jimmy Carter is a Great Man, but was a Terrible President
  • White Privilege is Just Plain Stupid
  • I Know a Lot of Highly Educated Idiots
  • I Know a Lot of Very Intelligent People Who Never Went to College
  • Curiousity Makes You Smart, Not School
  • Drunk Driving Should Be a Felony on the 2nd Offense
  • I Not Only Support the Death Penalty, I Would Like it Extended to Child Molesters, Rapists, and Hard Drug Dealers
  • People Who Conceal Carry Handguns are Good for Society
  • The AR15 is an Excellent Rifle
  • The Funniest Comedian Ever was Richard Pryor
  • Rock Music from the 70’s is the Best
  • Rock Music died in the 90’s

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