I remember a long time ago, when I was employed at Microsoft, we used to joke about what the Windows 95 slogan would be. We debated calling it “The Excess Hard Drive Capacity Reduction Utility” and several other things before deciding on “Windows 95, It Sucks Less”.

So I was amused to see this headline today on MSNBC’s web site, referring to Windows 7, the ultimate successor to Windows Vista. It’s nice to see Microsoft shooting for the moon. It appears that their biggest goal is to make it less annoying to use than Vista. That is a nice goal, don’t get me wrong, but is that really the greatest thing to look forward too? That it will piss you off a little bit less than Vista? Will you pay over $200 to be annoyed less?

How about this Microsoft. When Windows 7 comes out, you send me a free copy, with a nice little note attached apologizing to me for Vista annoying the shit out of me for 4 years. Really, just make Windows 7 Suck Less and all will be good.