We are very excited, and it is hard to temper that excitement, but the reality of it is FHA home appraisals are historically very harsh. Don’t get me wrong, we are thrilled that the sellers accepted our latest offer yesterday, but are scared to death of the next step.

Now we have all of the loan documents in our hands and they are going out tomorrow. With them is the $350 check for the appraisal, $350 we don’t get back if the home does not appraise for what we offered. It should, but in the current economy with home prices going down, it is something we are afraid of. The Realtor is not afraid, he is quite certain it will appraise for at least our offer price. That offers a little relief, but not much.

This is also my first “full-doc” mortgage, but I guess that is the way these days. I have never scanned and printed so much documentation in my life. I have no doubt there is a blood sample and DNA request form in there somewhere. Oh, 1999 was a good year. Fill out an online form, get a date set for closing, show up. End of story. Can we elect Bill Clinton again? Damn the constitution!

So we probably won’t know any more about the house for 2 weeks or so, whenever the FHA appraiser can get around to looking at it. So will all chill out in limbo, start saving even more cash than before, and wait. And wait. And wait. 🙂

Here are some pictures of what we hope will soon be our new home: